Why Product Reviews Matter


Many merchants often underestimate the significant of product reviews for their e-commerce stores. With all other concerns that an e-commerce site worry about like optimizing site design increasing conversions, customer service as well as administrative tasks, website owners could be bogged down by dealing with too many tasks at hand.

Well, do not let that to be an excuse to disregard details like product reviews as they often have a strong influence on the purchasing decisions of your customers. When reviews of your customers have been included, 42 percent of website administrators reported an increase in average order value  compared to just 6 percent that reported a decrease with the inclusion of reviews.

Needless to say, there are many factors that must be considered in average order value, making it hard to isolate reviews as the only source. On the other hand, there’s a strong correlation between conversions and reviews as well as studies that showed the importance of customer reviews in consumer’s confidence, make compelling case for integrating product reviews in your e-commerce shop.

e-Commerce pioneers have been utilizing product review from buyerlinkage.com features in their websites for a long time. So many consumers come to expect and appreciate the capability to evaluate a certain product prior to buying it. Roughly 40 percent of customers have even said that they would not buy electronic products without finding reviews about it online. This only proves that reviews can be vital even more in absence of ability to test the products before buying it online, which isn’t a concern in brick and mortar shops.

Customers will check first for the product ratings like what’s the grade of the product out of 5 stars, in order to see which product deserves the most of their attention. As soon as the product is clicked, the prospective customer will compare reviews to the other and depend on customer’s feedback.  There are several benefits to integrating reviews in addition to conversions. Asking your existing customers for a product review can help your business to make them feel that they’re part of your brand or is important to you, which further boosts loyalty.

Reviews even allow your customers to help with product’s SEO because the content of their reviews may be indexed and be used for search results. Most of the time, you might be targeting set of words or specific keywords within your product’s description. On the other hand, customers typically write reviews using their natural language which then targets long tail keywords that then helps your ecommerce site to get the needed SEO boost, click here to know more!


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